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Crash Course

First Saturday of the Month.

Pass the New Jersey Exam the First Time. Guarantee. In one day, instructors will go over all the Chapters of the book and teach you the proper analysis of the questions and techniques to pass your real estate exam

  • Exam Questions.
  • Practice Exams.
  • Integrated Real Estate Flashcards.
  • Vocabulary Terms.

Build your confidence with exams that simulate the experience of taking your state test.

Remedial Exam Prep Course

Second Saturday of the Month.

You either:

  • Failed the examination on your last attempt, or
  • You waited too long after taking the pre-license course, or
  • You don’t feel confident enough that your pre-license course adequately prepared you for taking the state exam.

Every time you take the exam, you have to pay PSI, a national testing company, additional fee has to be paid to take the exam again. Pass your real estate Exam the first time you take it. Go into the exam fully prepared to PASS.

The state real estate exams are based on the national principles & practices (80 questions) as well as the specific laws for the state of New Jersey (30 questions).  The Remedial Exam Prep Course will expose you to those topics and questions that are most likely to be found on the state exam.  It is available to all students regardless of the pre-licensing school you attended.

This course is designed to prepare a student to take either the New Jersey Salesperson or Broker real estate state examination.  You must, however, have completed your prerequisite courses first.  This remedial exam course will not give you any credit toward the New Jersey requirements to sit for the state real estate exams.

This course consists of hundreds of questions most likely to be asked on both the national part as well as the New Jersey part.  In the classroom each question will be analyzed for both the correct answer as well as how the question is phrased because many of the questions on the state exam are NOT worded in a straight-forward manner.  Many questions are worded with double-negatives which makes understanding what the question is actually asking very difficult.  You may know the material but misinterpret the question.  When you finish the Remedial Exam Prep Course you should be familiar with the both materials being tested as well as how to interpret each question.