Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

Everyone has a different definition of success — including real estate professionals. Whether it’s earning more money, gaining more exposure, or having fulfilling client relationships, how success is defined varies from agent to agent. Research shows the single trait that predicts high levels of achievement is conscientiousness, a quality that’s undoubtedly a must-have for real estate professionals.

Curious about how revered and respected agents take control of their success by accomplishing the tasks above and embodying the “right” characteristics of a modern agent? Then it’s time to learn 7 of the most important behaviors and best practices of today’s top-producing real estate agents

1st: Invest in Yourself and your Business

This means time and money. How much extra time do you not take advantage of when you are driving, working out and doing mindless tasks like dishes or laundry around the house?

Instead, you could be researching or listening to audio podcasts. Learning and developing your skills and knowledge each day will go a really long way.

2nd: Make it Obvious

In this rule, Jame Clear points to the importance of putting your desired habit right in front of you, so you can’t talk yourself out of the habit as it is right in front of you. He uses the example of a community in Amsterdam in the 1970s where the city was studying electricity usage.  They noticed some homes used much less electricity than their neighbours. When they looked further into this, they found that the homes using less electricity had their meters on the main floor of their house. Those that used more electricity had their meters in the basement. The conclusion is that because the main floor metered homes have obvious feedback, they tended to use less electricity. 

3rd: Be an Effective Communicator

You’re an active listener trying to actually understand what your client needs and wants. You speak authentically, avoiding sales speak. You’re also really great at keeping in touch, using the method your client prefers (phone, text, email).

4th: Be a Tech Guru

You’re not old school. You’re working in the modern era and using the tools that are most efficient. Your devices are current (and they’re always charged). You know your brokerage CRM like the back of your hand.

5th: Listen To Your Calls

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “Wow, I’m looking good today,” then saw yourself in a picture and thought, “Wow, I actually look terrible”? Tony says, “That’s the difference between a recorded document and what our brain tells us. A recorded document is real.”

It’s common for real estate agents to get off a prospecting call and think, “I nailed my script, pushed past objections, but I still didn’t get the listing appointment!” Odds are, if you listen to a recording of the call, you’ll realize where you missed an opportunity.

Call recordings offer immediate learning opportunities because you can hear where your call went wrong and how to improve.

6th:  Organizational Wizard

You are always prepared for the day and the week. You arrive ahead of schedule to make sure you can get into the house, so your buyers aren’t standing there waiting to get in. You’ve got business cards and all your collateral neatly at hand. You’re also prepared for any life mishaps (e.g. extra shirt, umbrella, car emergency kit).

7th: Conversion Champion

You know that a contact or a lead can lead anywhere. You’re not going to pass judgment until you have actually talked to a prospect. You’re persistent but never pushy. You convert sellers into repeat buyers by providing excellent service. You ask for referrals with confidence.

All of these habits are needed to really make yourself stand out in real estate. But one more thing is imperative to make them work: you must be an agent above reproach. A good reputation for honesty and ethical standards is the foundation of an agent who is respected by peers and clients alike.

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