Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

Everybody starts somewhere. Including real estate agents. That somewhere is usually at the bottom of the ladder. But new real estate agents don’t have to stay on the last rung for very long. Plenty of new agents start moving on up pretty darn quickly — thanks to strategic, well-placed efforts.

Are you a new real estate agent? What strategies are you using to get your name out there? Or are you in the business for quite some time now and not getting any good sales? Wherever your real estate path is going right now, you came to the right place. Here are our Top 7 habits for every super-successful agent to boost performance, credibility, and customer engagement.

Secret #6 Top Agents have Mentors.

Every agent faces difficult decisions at some point(s) in their career. It’s important to be able to volley ideas back and forth with more experienced realtors, ever learning along the way to become a better agent.

Secret #5: Diversified accessibility.

The biggest mistake a new real estate agent can make is to launch their business without a fully-fledged digital presence. It’s hard to believe, but many agents spend time, money, and marketing efforts on getting their name out there, but do not pick up the phone. Successful agents are those who are quick to respond and address a customer’s needs – and that means in an increasingly digital world where consumers will Google anything within seconds, top agents respond quickly. They also diversify their contact points, be it email, call, website, social media, etc. 

Secret #4: They Choose A Niche 

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. There’s no shortage of agents just like you who are going after your same prospective clients. To make sure you can have a competitive advantage, quickly identify and select a real estate niche to specialize in. There are all kinds of real estate niches to choose from — environmentally-friendly homes, accessible spaces, tiny spaces, luxury homes, and so on.

Secret #3 Customer Service is still the golden ticket

All top agents have one thing in common: exceptional customer service. Treating the tenth or hundredth client as if they were the very first has been proven time and time again to ensure that customers not only entrust you with their time and sale but will also entrust you with referrals to their friends or family who are looking at the market.

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